December 2, 2015
by lili_ana

some highlights from Thanksgiving

I had the crazy idea to cook for the whole family this Thanksgiving. Let me tell you it was quite the undertaking! But since I love to please people and my hubby loves to cook it all turned out very well in the end. Part of me was just super excited to wow the family in our brand new house and I guess the other part wanted culinary control. Last year hubby prepared the Turkey in our old house and we celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a family of 3. It was quiet and private and it was perfect. This year I wanted to make the turkey because I made one a long time ago which was a huge hit. My hubs and I joined forces, he brined the bird over night and I prepared the herb butter and slathered that bird inside and out. We didn’t open the oven for at least 4 hours and then only towards the end when we were waiting for the family to arrive.

One of the best things though, was the gravy! Hubs started that over night. I think he followed the Pioneer Woman recipe and made homemade stock and it was delectable. This Thanksgiving will certainly go down in the annals of all Thanksgiving meals. We kind of split the menu down the middle. I made the sweet potato’s and the cranberry sauce and for dessert I made my Dutch Apple pie.  Hubby made the gravy, greenbeans, and for dessert a Cheesecake. The family wanted to contribute also, and so we delegated out the tasks of stuffing and mashed potatoes. My sister makes this really yummy corn casserole that I love. And I almost forgot, hubby made an addition Cuban style pot roast. There was soooo much food. It was wonderful.

image1 image6 image5 image4 image3 image2

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November 30, 2015
by lili_ana

the things i carry

Everyday I carry the same things with my to the office: My headphones and my Kindle. I use the heck out of these headphones and I’m proud to say,  i scored a major deal when i ordered them. I paid $218 and I recommended them to lots of my work peeps, but the price is now about $300. They’re the Sennheiser PXC 450. Love ’em. I go through the battery pretty quickly but I use the noise cancelling feature all the time. It’s an absolute must considering my work situation. 

The other item I carry around with me is my Kindle. And it rarely gets any love. I haven’t really fallen out of love with it but I haven’t loaded a book on it in a LONG time. I last purchased a book for it a few months ago and haven’t gotten around to reading it. I love to read but I find it hard to sit down and do so on a regular basis. It seems the only place I have an opportunity to read uninterrupted is when I’m at work, at lunch obviously. That’s only an hours worth, mind you. I have a few books on my shelf that I have been meaning to read for some time. One such book is the Autobiography of Alice B. Tolkas by Gertrude Stein. I have it at my office now so that I always have something to read. I was reading most of my books on the kindle app of my ipad but by the time we make it to bed my love is craving for lights out and it’s not long before my books are watching me, if you know what I mean. 

Aside from scheduling a little reading, I’m not sure when I’ll get to it. Hubs is always saying to me that I have to schedule the things I want to do. I am always fighting this. Schedule = very regimented and boring in my opinion and i’m more of a by the seat of my pants kinda gal. But I suppose, i should give it a go if I plan to get back in touch with my literature loving side. The ideal conditions don’t seem to present themselves often: alone in a quiet house. I’m pretty sure that’s a distant memory. Better learn to read under different conditions haha. Or read whilst wearing my headphones! bahahah

Right now, the scrappy, project life side of me is taking a lot of my free time. Eventually I will get more efficient at it and it will take me less time to accomplish the same things. I guess it’s all about finding my creative style. For now, I’m still sampling inspiration from youtube videos and such. I catch a few videos when I’m driving since it’s a way to relax during my 45 minute drive (2x a day). If I read at lunch, that could be a nice balance. The other thing i need to find some time for is to 1. charge my old Iphone 2. Put some cool playlists on it 3. Add a few walking meditations (maybe?) and 4. set a silent alarm on my fitbit for 5 AM. If I can score a 30 minute walk before work I think it will be a good thing.

I think i’ll get started on this tonight, find and charge old iphone (an Ipod would probably be lighter and better, but I don’t have one of those). I have copied my entire itunes library onto our SAN since i hardly used my music library, so the next parts would be a bit harder. I guess I could just use my own Iphone and possibly a meditation audio book? Hmm… let’s see what’s out there!

Those are the musings of my head right now. I was picking out books for my nieces Christmas presents and then of course, i distracted myself. Can’t be helped! 

Oh I should probably recap Thanksgiving, but I’ll get to that tomorrow when I have had a chance to pick a few pics to share. 

November 23, 2015
by lili_ana

Scrapping by

Tired but inspired! I tried printing on vellum the other day expecting it to not turn out so well. But in fact it turned out pretty good! The vellum page curled a little bit but otherwise perfect.

I picked up this navy card stock the other day when Michaels was having a sale, I think it was 6 for a dollar. Couldn’t pass it up! In any case, navy is one of my hubs favorite colors. Well, I think it is based on the amount of blue and navy items in his closet. In any case, the navy reminded me of him so, I thought I would use it on a scrap book layout of our wedding. This isn’t finalized yet but the placement is probably not going to change. I want to make sure I pick the right adhesive to use with the vellum since it’s so transparent. I love our wedding photos!!

Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure hubs wore a navy shirt on our first date. It looks so good on him. Ok enough swooning.

Need to find a way to shussh this up a little bit. I’m thinking some gold alphas and a few more accents. Trying it to be too matchy matchy but my paper is a little bleh. At most a little gold glitter would be a good way to bling it up.
I’ll have to keep thinking about this on. Ideas that come to mind include a little splatter, but I don’t have white or gold which think would go lovely on the navy. And I’m trying to find another complementary color for navy and gold besides red and green. Off to explore pinteres for more inspiration!


November 16, 2015
by lili_ana


I’ve been watching a lot of youtube videos. I love a good how to or a process video! Mind you, I hardly do or make any of the things I watch. I’ll chalk that up to poor time management on my part, couple of course with end of day tiredness. Darn this whole full time job thing, always getting in the way of my fun.

In any case, I was watching a video today for a Project Life process video by Inkie Quill, who I just love. She’s got such a fun personality and she sounds like the kind of person I’d have as a friend if I was Australian and about 10 years younger. In any case, hope that didn’t sound too creepy! Well, back to the point, so she was using up a bunch of her alpha stickers and talking about how they never have enough of the often used letters, like the ~E’s~ and ~A’s etc. And of course, i was like, ooh there is a need there, i should just create some alpha stickers and provide individual letter packs, like for instance in one sheet packs for the vowels. I can’t imagine there is much money to be made with that.. but it would be cool to do. Must now google how to make foam alpha stickers and have a go at it.  in my imagination…

As for the past weekend I had a bit of me time while I got my hair done. I switched it up quite a bit, new stylist, new salon, and NEW hair color and cut! I went in asking for some peek-a-boo highlights with some red and that’s just what i got! I couldn’t have asked for a better do! And to my surprise, everyone loved it, even my parents. I was a bit skeptical that they’d think it was too much, but I guess they have really gotten cooler in their old age. Should probably give them a little more credit.


We went over to my parents for lunch and left the little lady to play with her cousins and we headed home to hang out. Usually this is where I would craft, but we thought we’d play some video games. We ended up downloading WOW but didn’t get to play until much later. While it was downloading I tidied up my craft area and tried to put things away. Some things don’t really have a proper place which makes it a bit hard.


I have a little project in my head for the lil’ miss’s bedroom but haven’t figure out how to execute it. I want to make some word art featuring her name. I bought some cool paper and plan to use the silhouette to cut out the letters. I think i will mount them in some frames and put them up over her crib. I have actually NEVER hung the art I bought for her nursery, so I want to do that too. Pool little one has no art up on her walls. I’ll have to change that soon.

We ended up playing WOW until I grew tired of it. It’s a bit different than the games i’m used to. We’ll see how we like it. It’s a welcome change to sitting on the couch but we’ll see if I can get used to it.

Sunday, I had plans to meet an old coworker for brunch. I tried to coordinate this with the little bugs morning nap. Not sure i succeeded as she didn’t actually take her nap until noon. In any case, the hubs was a dear for watching her while I spent a little time with a girlfriend. We ate at this place called Santiago’s Bodega in a kinda hip part of downtown. Too hip for me normally, but of course now with my cool hair… ha. It was a brunch buffet which normally I was shy away from but this was like on another level. I felt bad that my hubs wasn’t there because the food was that good. We’ll definitely be going back together. Let’s see, they had brown sugar bacon, which tasted a lot like a sweet bacon jerky. Delicious. The had a made to order omelet station and French Toast. Holy shit about that French toast. A bit  of heaven in each forkful.

The rest of sunday was chillax. Hubs spent some time with the little one at the park while i did my brekkie/brunch thing. When i got home she was still napping, so I headed to my craft are and accomplished nothing. I was trying to print some 4×4 pics from Aperture. I nearly ruptured a vein in my head out of frustration. Luckily this lil miss woke up and I was distracted by her loveliness. Never made it back to the crafty bits, better luck next weekend.

Hubs was working all weekend on a bit deployment for work. Once he got the all clear he was able to relax a big which was nice. He got inspired to make some paella. Anything he puts his mind to he achieves. I told him he needs to say he’s going to win the lottery. :) He is always achieving what he sets his mind to, so why not!

The paella turned out wonderful. The little one shoveled it in which is always a sign of success. Good job my love. You always feed us so well. <3


And that was pretty much the weekend. Next week I’m expecting my girlfriend for a little christmas card making. Not sure we’ll get around to doing much else, but you never know. Hubs has to work again so, that sucks a bit. I’ll make sure to do something nice… since he is always so sweet and thoughtful. xoxo

November 11, 2015
by lili_ana

last call before bed

I write this from my craft room/office. I’ve made it in here tonight but really haven’t accomplished much. I  put things away and made a little space on my desk. Night time isn’t good for me and creativity. I still try though. The intention is there but i just run out of juice by the time night time rolls around. So i basically looked at my desk and realized I don’t have the time to start anything. I don’t know where to start. But then again, starting always seems a little hard for me! In any case, I hope to achieve things over the weekend although it will be hard what with the hubs working and the little lady staying with us and not by her grandma. I have carved some time out to get my hair colored and for brunch with an old work friend. I hope I get to crafting, even if it is at night and even if it means being pumped with espresso. I’ll take what I can get. In any case, I came close to crafting tonight and now my pillow calls me.

November 4, 2015
by lili_ana

the work place struggle

Tempted to install this to get a little screen privacy at work.


Maybe my husband would be willing to do this for me on an old monitor I have sitting around the house. Would be fun and would also attract a lot of possibly unpleasant attention. After all, I don’t need that much privacy i just have some socially awkward cube mates that can’t seem to mind their business. I still like the idea!


October 28, 2015
by lili_ana
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so this happened…

Last year I nearly bought a  Silhouette but didn’t get around to it for a couple of reasons. At the time I didn’t have a proper area to craft. Now that I have my own office space I went ahead and invested in it. I tried to show my hubs some of what it can do, but I don’t think he was very impressed or interested in it. The only tutorial I could find was for vinyl decals, and while that is definitely a cool thing you can make with a Silhouette it is also the last thing we are likely to make with it because we don’t decorate with stickers on our car, like the video showed. I used to like those vinyl decals for your walls, but I think I’m a little over that fad. I will definitely use it for paper crafts and for card making. The plan is that I will use it in the following ways for the holidays:

  1. Christmas Cards
  2. Address Labels
  3. Gift Tags/Labels
  4. Project Life

I can pretty much guarantee that it will get at least this much use.

November is nearly here and with that comes the Holiday Season. I have pretty much been given a pass to do some holiday decorating. Hubs likes it, but doesn’t really care about it, or care to do it. Now that we have this big ole house it gives us a lot of joy to see it decked out. As for me, I like things to be simple to put up and take down. Less is more, right? My friend Liz said she’d lend a hand with some decor ideas. I’ll have to reach out to her and schedule a holiday bake off too. Tomorrow, my friend Leslie is coming over to meet the little lady and we are cooking up some veggie soup with French Bread. Should be delicious. I found some youtube videos for making authentic French bread but I haven’t tried it yet. I spend so much time watching videos that you would think I had woken from a coma and just found out about youtube. In any case, the bread is on a long list of ‘to do’s’ I have not gotten to yet. I’ll get there though!

October 22, 2015
by lili_ana

trying something new

Hi there!

I haven’t written anything new in a long time. It’s kind of the norm for me if you couldn’t tell. In any case, let me catch you up on the last few months.

Last time I blogged I had all these plans to chronicle the building of our new house, which I didn’t do. We photographed it nearly weekly, but I didn’t write any blog posts. I can probably still do this, but I kinda feel like the moment has passed? If anything, a little photo book would probably be enough.

Sometime in August I returned to working for my previous employer. It’s been great to get back with my team. Definitely all good things as far as work’s concerned.

I finally caught up on my Project Life Album for my baby girl. It’s not as creative as I would’ve liked but it was my first album and I’m happy to have finished it. I have subscribed to Studio Calico for a couple of months and I’m looking forward to those kits every month.

Obviously, we’ve moved in to the new house! This has been fun, and crazy and exciting. Move in day was 3 months ago, but it feels like we’ve been there a lot longer than that. The new hasn’t worn off, at least not for me. We haven’t finished every room yet and people are eager to visit us. I’m sure we’ll have a get together at some point, but for now that’s at least a few months away. We’ll see.

The top thing I’m enjoying about the house is it’s location to the park. Baby girl can’t get enough of exploring and playing on the swings and going down the slide. She grabs my hand and pulls me across the street. Not bad for 15 months!

Creatively, I’m enjoying having my own office and a place to craft. I don’t always get the time to do it or when I do have a little time I’m too tired to craft or my creative juices aren’t flowing. As always, trying to find the balance there.

Part of the reason I haven’t updated the blog sooner is because I have nosy cube mates at work and I don’t really want anyone to know that I’m sitting around updating my personal blog. I am using the ScribeFire Chrome Extension and can create posts without it being obvious. Hopefully this will help. I also have to see about purchasing iCloud so all my photo’s are just readily available for inserting in a post here or there.

A typical schedule for me:

  • 6AM Wakeup and Get Ready
  • 6:50 Wake up Baby Girl, Change her/Dress her/Feed her
  • 7:15 Leave the house for work
  • 8AM- 5PM Work
  • 5:45PM Back at Home
  • Play and watch the little lady
  • 6:45/7PM Feed/Bath Bedtime
  • 7:45/8pm Usually alone and settling on the couch for some relaxation.
  • 10PM Bedtime

At the moment we are enjoying the occasional visit to the food and wine festival and planning out how the holidays will go. I’m excited to decorate and spend time around the dinner table with those I love!

I’ll try to get this going again. Otherwise, I’ll have to give up hosting and move to blogger… which is free. I guess I keep paying for hosting because I don’t want to give it up.

My overall mood today is: slightly motivated and slightly inspired.

I have been getting ideas from youtube and I can’t wait to implement them in my own memory keeping projects.

Here are a few of my favorites:

I have most of what i need to do something similar to that last one, minus the time :-) and the heat gun and the inks. So close!

Right now I don’t have any smaller albums which is just as well as I have a couple of projects that need finishing first. But i really want one!

June 14, 2015
by lili_ana

a catch up post

Let’s face it, catching up is basically what i do around here. It’s what I did when I was single, it’s what I did when i got married, and it’s certainly something i’ve had to do A LOT since having a baby. I’m definitely no stranger to procrastination, and this blog is living proof.

It’s not fair to blame any one thing for my lackadaisical approach to blogging or documenting my life. Though, the baby would seem like a likely reason, it’s actually my new job that’s kept me very busy. My heads just been swimming. Some days it’s good and other days not so much. But as a wise man once said, these are the breaks. The story of my life right now is the house which, as you can imagine, has progressed A LOT since February. (Shame on me, it has been THAT long!) When we left of there wasn’t that much to see, a place holder for where my house would actually be one day. Today, we are closing in a little over a month. I have taken tons of pictures. I’ll make it a must do this week to catch you up, even if just with pictures.

Stressing me out lately: The baby turns one in 2 weeks. My MIL comes in one week. Alone these are just normal events, but I’m supposed to get everyone together and I’m more of like a party goer than a party thrower. The good news is I will have help and it will all be ok. So far, the plan for the 1st birthday is going to be pool yard burgers and beer with possibly a little Elmo action. What can I say, my girl loves the classics.  :-)

I’m trying to take better care of myself. I have a tendency to neglect myself and then take it out on others. It’s hard to do and of course, even harder to do these days. I try not to beat myself up for all those pockets of time I waste, but hey, I just try to do better. The house is certainly something to look forward to! Not only is it big and beautiful, it’s proximity to my mom will certainly be convenient. The house is also just a wonderful reminder of all that is right and wonderful in my life, even though some of the sacrifices we are making for it seem like a huge pain in the ass in the short term. However, in the long term, that house is going to be full of so many memories.

For now, I try to remember to breathe, be grateful, and enjoy the sweet baby who is growing so much. She is such a sweet reminder not to waste any time or energy on the small things.

February 27, 2015
by lili_ana

Pictures of the Bedford Model

I just got off the phone with the recruiting company I’ve been contracting with and of course my onsite contact mentioned that I was building a house and so we chatted for a little bit about the house, the community and the baby. Normally I hate small talk but I love talking about the house, and of course my baby. Both are things that really make me super happy, and considering they will both be around for a while this is definitely a good thing.

I promptly went to the builders website and grabbed some pictures of the model home. This is what our dream looks like!

Living room

Living Room 2DenDining RoomKitchen

Bedford-1207 Master bedroom Baby's Room Game Room
(all images owned by Standard Pacific homes)

This weekend promises to be super busy! We have lunch planned with my family tomorrow and with my aunt who is here from Cuba. Sunday I have a baby shower in the afternoon which I’m looking forward to.  Tomorrow we will go by the property again  to check on it’s progress and to show it to my aunt. I should have some progress pictures to share next week.