oh, the places I’ve been…


I was surprised to find my new passport in the mail yesterday. It came back to me within one week! Today I received my old one back and was, of course, momentarily whisked away down memory lane. So much happened in my life during the course of that passport’s validity. I loved so many people from so many different places. I boarded planes, trains and cruise ships; I crossed the Atlantic and the Pacific. And I vowed that from henceforth my cars would all be foreign and my men domestic. For a moment I thought I wasn’t going to get my old passport back and when I had it back in my possession I felt so relieved. It is the historian of my wayward heart! I might never do the things I did again, but there were no mistakes. The life I’ve lived up ’til now hasn’t been conventional, traditional or boring.  And while it hasn’t been easy either I know that I wouldn’t change a thing about it.  My passport is stiff and naked, normally two things that go well together… but I can’t wait to fill its pages and dress it up a bit!


  1. Yes! And you’re invited to visit! :-)

  2. I heard that soon you gonna move to Canada? COOL!

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