official first post of mommyhood


Hi! I’m alive! In case anyone was wondering, I did successfully have a baby! Our little baby arrived precisely on her due date and we’ve been in love ever since. I will write up the birth story some time. It is not one that I will forget, and honestly it is quite unlike any birth story I had read online. And believe me, I read A LOT of birth stories to prepare me for labor. To be honest, that was actually all I really did to prepare myself. Our ‘parenting’ class really didn’t cover labor, or breathing or anything like that.  Luckily we both, mommy and daddy, did fine. And when our little girl arrived, she also did great. After 40 weeks of pregnancy, and 13+ hours of labor, and 2.5 weeks at home with a newborn I can confidently say we are one and done.  In fact, I will stab you in the eye if you so much as joke about “the next one”. Seriously, don’t go there.

The first week was stressful, the second week was better… and now, half way towards the 3 week mark I feel like we’ll always be juggling between good times and rough times. We’re all learning and none of us has a rule book. If something works, do it again. If it worked before, and doesn’t now then try something else. That pretty much sums up the last few nights. I suppose we are doing great considering, and our baby is pretty awesome for a 2.5 week old. We get sleep in at least 3 hour intervals which is apparently quite a bit for a newborn. Newborn death wail is a bit hard to adjust to. I just made up that name, it seems very fitting. It’s the cry a baby makes when everything you are doing to help them is failing. It is the equivalent of “F you mother trucker, you’re doing it WRONG A-hole!”, or  basically the cry that makes them look like their heads about to explode. We don’t hear it too often, but when we do it leaves a lasting impression.

I don’t have any pictures of little lumpy on my computer. I’ll get around to posting one eventually. I can now cross off “write blog post” from my to do list. I’m going to see if I can “brush teeth” and “take shower” before succubus wakes from her slumber.

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