October goals


I should keep track of all the things I do on a daily basis. A visible list makes me feel accomplished and I always feel great about getting things done. Today I did all the laundry except the towels, tomorrow I will fold them and put them away. I pre-cleaned for the cleaning lady, organizing the bedroom clutter and making the space look way bigger. Laundry included bed linens, which meant I put the mattress protector on the bed. (Next time the princess has a blow out the mattress will be safe from harm!) I cleared off the kitchen table and I threw away old magazines. Pumped about 13 oz of milk too!

I went to the dr to get my IUD inserted but panicked at the last minute and left with a pill prescription instead. I think I’m going to skip the pill as well for now. I’m in a happy place hormonally, I’d rather just not mess that up. Plus, I’m breastfeeding and don’t want anything messing with my supply, no matter how established it is. We are happy with just one baby. She’s perfect. I am pretty sure one and done is the name of the game for us but I won’t make any permanent decisions until later. Gosh I really hate pills.

This week I began working on my blog cleanup project. Most of the work will be pretty invisible to anyone reading but it will be essential for growth.

In October I plan to:
dedicate time to project life
take donation items to goodwill
sell my two previous iPhones
read a book (I’ve got several queued up!)
use my DSLR more

My hubs and I also have some organization plans for the garage. I’m supposed to make a list of things we need, containers and so forth and then we will get to work. I love this part of married life. Planning and working together towards a common goal. Making our house a home and making it beautiful is something that brings me so much happiness. I haven’t found a way to blog about the things we’ve done, or the wonderful meals we take turns making for each other but I plan to soon. I have to remember to take before pictures! doh!

Anyways, time for bed. Will be up in a few hours for feeding and snuggling and then eventually the day care prep. Having a baby has really been good for me. It’s forced me to value my time and embrace routines, something my hubs has been encouraging me to do for a long while. It makes me happy, all of it. The busyness, the tasks, and the love I witness around me everyday. I’m tired, but I have coffee and a wonderful family. I couldn’t ask for more!

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