no baby yet


I feel like that’s going to be the number one phrase uttered from my lips for the next few days! I have already been replying to text messages asking for news… but honestly, i’m just gonig to ignore them until there is something to report.

As far as the blog goes, it’s been a little while without a post. I have several things written down that I want to blog about and the only thing that has kept me from it is the pain in my hands from the carpal tunnel. At night, I work from my ipad and that is brutal on my wrists. Even now, typing this, I can tell the pain keeps getting worse. Before I could type on a computer (where I am now) without any real pain, but now the swelling is at an all time high and even the micro movements of my wrist meet with resistance and pain.

I’m not trying to rush the baby out but that’s probably what will need to happen for my hands to return to  normal. Right now, I’m concerned that I won’t be able to hold the baby because of the amount of pain I’m in and that makes me a little sad. I can’t move my coffee cup without yelping in pain, it’s so debilitating! I have been trying acupuncture for relief but since it’s all due to swelling I’m not getting much relief out of it. Instead I’m using acupuncture to prep for labor. Hopefully it will get the ball rolling soon! My next doctors visit is tomorrow, and I’m eager to compare last week to this week and see what is going on. Last week I was 90% effaced and at a -2 station (position of baby in pelvis), 0 dilation. The baby needed to drop some in order to engage in my pelvis. A positive 5 station is considered crowning. I’m excited to see what the numbers are after my treatment today. And I guess I need to walk around as much as possible, no matter how uncomfortable it is. Believe me, it’s uncomfortable! Not just from the weight of the baby on my pelvic region, but also from the swelling of my feet and ankles. Anyways, we’re nearly there! I officially started my 40th week today! As miserable as I am I consider myself fortunate that I have made it to term, without major health issues and that my baby seems to be doing well.

The only thing stressing me out is the thought of a crowded delivery room, or my parents trying to hover over me while i’m in labor. Only person i want around me is my hubby. Maybe my BFF if she can make it. For the rest, i just want to labor with the one I love.

I will try to update you tomorrow on the status. I’m taking my bags to the hospital just in case. This kid has 2 days left to be a Gemini and I’m hoping she complies! :)

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