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Tomorrow marks the anniversary of my last time on my facebook account. It has been 2 years and I don’t miss it. I gave it up because it started to feel more toxic than nice. It started out as cleanse, a temporary reset, but after making it through all of March I didn’t feel an urge to go back to it.I am once again feeling that same way about another online indulgence in my life: The Daily Mail. It’s a regular place I go to waste time on the internet read news and other current events. I spend easily a couple of hours on it and most of the time I’m not happy with it. I suppose this is also how the whole breakup with facebook started also. Where did the love go? Well, it started with little things, minor things really.

Why I fell out of love with the Daily Mail

1. Grammar errors
2. Too many stories about Kim Kardashian
3. Too many Kardashian stories period, Kim, Kendall, Kylie and Khloe, Kris and yes, this includes their significant others, Kanye, Lamar, and Scott (I counted 28 articles today AND i forgot to include Bruce!)
4. Too many ISIS articles (seriously)
5. And this last one is probably not a huge issue for most but I just don’t like some of the verbiage. Often times they will show someone newly engaged, and they write something like “so and so flaunting her ring” or “so and so showing off her this or that”. It just seems like they are creating stories out of thin air!

In short, I guess I’m just not impressed with the quality of the articles. And knowing that I could and should be doing something else, something more productive, means that I will have to take a break from the Daily Mail. Maybe I will cut it out completely, or keep it as a weekend or poop time indulgence. I am not sure yet. :)

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  1. Try reading reputable news sites such as The New York Times, USA Today :)

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