my journey with art


I really love art. Doodling. Drawing, you name it. I never thought I was very good, I probably wasn’t. If only the desire to be good at something was enough, or rather that the greater the desire the more likely you were to succeed. (There should be a magic pill for this by now? Instead we have hoverboards? wtf) In any case, I love art. It was one of those things that was not encouraged when i was young. After all, art was no way to make a living, art wasn’t going to feed you, pay your bills, and ON TOP OF THAT, artists were seedy, shady people, who likely did drugs, or hung out with people who did drugs. Well, this is only what I remember from my childhood. I had conservative parents, who worked hard to put me through private school, and who’s main mission in life was to protect me from all the supposed evils in the world.  It was a doomed mission, luckily for me.  

I guess this got stirred up for me while watching a video that popped up per chance in my youtube feed. Wow. I mean, what a hauntingly beautiful masterpiece. It captivated me so completely. I’ll probably have to buy a piece or two. Lately, I have felt sad, emotional, suppressed, repressed, stressed? I can’t nail it. But these images moved me for a reason, even if that is a reason i am still figuring out. #mustbuyalltheart. 

I don’t think it’s ever too late to learn something new, to tap into that creativity that’s lain dormant for so long. Luckily for me, I can enjoy it even if I can’t create at this level. And I can return slowly, even if that’s entry level doodler status. It’s important for me to encourage myself, just in the same way that I plan to encourage my child. The world is full of possibilities for her, and so too for me. This is a glaring contradiction to what i hear from my own mom regularly. I want to be consistent with my word and it all begins with me.

I have no idea if i meant to go this deeply… but sometimes that’s just where the words go. 

So, here’s the art that moved me:


Here is where you can buy it for me, I’ll take one of everything thank you <3. 


Here is a place that has art classes on Friday nights for adults and Saturday mornings for kids. 

The Art ROOM


I should get a couple of good pencils and a good eraser. I have a couple of portrait books i can play with and practice. Even if it’s just for fun. It makes me happy.

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