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So a  few weeks back I mentioned the home made baby clothes my family made for me. I promised to take some pictures and share them with you and I’m happy to say I have finally gotten around to that.

outfit_1 outfit_2-2 outfit_2 outfit_3 outfit_4 outfit_5 outfit_7 outfit_6


I’m sorry my photo staging is not the best… but hopefully you can get an idea of the work and craftsmanship that went into these lovely pieces. I can’t wait to play dress up! (File that under “things I never thought I’d say!) 

The only items I didn’t photograph are the matching receiving blanket for the white outfit with the wide lace detail on the hem. This outfit also came with a matching burp clothe, all made out of linen. Honestly,  I’m a little scared to put them on a baby for fear they will get soiled.

This past weekend was my baby shower with my friends, but I will cover that in a later post!

I’d love to hear what you think of these outfits! What’s the best homemade item you’ve been given?

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