I have come to the sad realization that when it comes to reading I’m a terrible multitasker. By my bedside I have about 6 books that I am in the process of reading. Or as I call them, books I have stopped reading. While they are on several different topics, all which interest me, none of them are novels or creative literature. When I’m reading fiction or really good (subjective, I know) non-fiction nothing will make me put it down, not even my bed time. And I’m really a zombie when 10PM rolls around. So, this says a lot about my love of creative literature. I’m wondering if anybody truly succeeds at reading more than one book at a time? To me, it’s like having a conversation with one person at a party and then running off to mingle, promising that you will dance with them soon and then forgetting about them until they cross your path later and give you a guilt trip. Curious what books you’re not finishing.

I’m  currently entangled with:

Tim Wise: White Like Me

James S. Bell: The Art of War for Writers : Fiction Writing Strategies, Tactics and Exercises

Sandra Scofield: The Scene Book

Ralph W. Emerson: First We Read, Then We Write

Several issues of Poets & Writers (just for more thorough reading)

And of course, I’m regularly discovering new books I want to read. As I fine tune my little blog I suppose it’s going to center a lot around literature and photography but for now it will have to center around my ADHD and neurosis because I am an artist dahling! I’ll let you know when I get to my other Tim Wise book I haven’t started reading yet.Don’t I wish his books were based on fiction… but that’s a story for another time.  If you read a book that you just couldn’t put down please let me know and I will read it, eventually!  Reminds me of all that college reading I had to do not so long ago…

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