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I don’t know what’s come over me. Three posts in one week, must be a miracle, right? Not really… I tend to write more when I have more time or feel more inspired. When inspiration and time intersect then I start to write things down…and it certainly helps to be near a computer, since I don’t tend to blog much from my phone/ipad.

So, my hubs and I have been talking about getting back to the gym and our pre-baby routine. When I went back to work in September we stopped eating as terrible as we did my late stages of pregnancy and first postpartum months. We aren’t really at the same place we were when we got pregnant. Last year it was all grilled chicken and broccoli. Now, we have a lot more variety, tasty variety. In any case, we did cut back on our convenience eating of burgers and what have you. My hubs will be the first to say that diet is 80% of any fitness or healthy lifestyle routine, but we love our food. New foods, rich foods, tasty foods…so for us physical fitness has to be part of the deal. We haven’t exactly transition back to the gym, and the times we have gone (speaking for myself) hasn’t had the same intensity, or (speaking for both of us) the same regularity.

<tangent>I hate starting ‘new’ things in January, it’s so cliche. It’s not a resolution because of the new year, it’s just a goal (yes, another one!) that happens to start after the holding eating and drinking has subsided.

I digress, the baby now has a very steady sleep schedule. We have in general a very consistent routine. We now have to add gym time back in with more consistency, accepting that it won’t be like before where we could sweat it out together. At least for now.

Right now the very rough draft of what this schedule would look like is:

  • Gym 2x a week
  • I go in after work before hubs gets home
  • He goes in the morning before work
  • On weekends we alternate, I haven’t decided how this will look. Him on Saturdays, me on Sunday? Or taking turns in the same day? Not sure.

I’m happy to go to the gym 3 days a week after work. I just need to be efficient with my time. Cardio being a priority, and strength training a necessity. I am also looking into prepping some meals for ‘gym’ days. So that we don’t have to fuss around the kitchen right when we get home. I am gathering up slow cooker recipes but it seems like most of the more ‘healthy’ options are just some variation of Beef Stew. I’m happy with that. We tend to have certain meals that show up at least once a week. This would take some of the ‘thinking’ out of it and it would certainly be ready to go whenever we are.

I have never really been one to think too much about my work out. I like the idea of having a trainer tell me what to do, or my hubs. This is why I will miss working out together. I’m sure I’ll just go back to the workout plan I had 2 years ago and start from there. Once thing I am not sure about is how to supplement while breastfeeding. I don’t usually take much, back in the day it was just ZMA. I’m more curious about caffeine, since I really do appreciate a jolt of energy before a work out. Nothing gets me going better than a redline or a ripped fuel. I just can’t run the risk of  that getting in my breastmilk and keeping the baby up and wired while I’m trying to sleep. I guess I’ll just try it without and see how it goes. In lieu of caffeine, a good soundtrack always keeps me going. I’ll have to go through my hubs music collection and start a playlist for myself.  And a new pair of shoes would be nice… in pink, size 9.5 thanks! :-) Sometimes a new outfit is just what you need to get started! haha or just a nice excuse for a new pair of kicks!

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