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It’s morning time again. I’ll admit it was harder to get up this morning than it was yesterday. But so far, today marks two days in a row of getting up early and pecking away at my manuscript. I took a class at Rollins called ‘The Writers Studio’ and one of the things we did or were supposed to do is get up early and write for as long as we could. Now I find myself doing the same thing, putting time aside to do this, not because there is a grade attached to it, not because I need to complete this class to graduate, not because I’m building my portfolio, simply because I need to do this for myself. Because when i sit at a keyboard and get creative, stories come out, my imagination has a place to play. I see many of the things going on in my life coming out on the page, you know the saying, “names and faces have been changed to protect the innocent” or something like that.  Writing fiction is really always biographical, it may not all be things that happened in my life, but rather feeling that I felt, or things I would do if i were someone else faced in my circumstances. With writing, you can really give your problems to someone else and then write out a solution, maybe it would be a solution you could try maybe not, maybe its your opportunity to rewrite the ending of something you can’t change. Who knows. All I know, is that writing is pretty therapeutic. Yet, I’ve fought the demon for a long time. I’ve said, I’ll get to that 1. when I have a perfect quiet place to write, 2. I’m alone, and no one is interrupting, 3. when my job is not stressing me out and making me tired 4. when my carpal tunnel eases up, 5. When i know what i am going to write about. Well.. the list of excuses could go on and on.

And God knows that it’s not an easy thing for me to begin. Consistency has never really been my strong suit. Writing takes what’s in my head and puts it where I can see it and find it later. I have had so many great thoughts and have lost them all because I haven’t written them down, or taken a moment to explore them. My weekly writing practice should help me produce material for my book, which certainly has NOT been writing itself (in my head or otherwise). All it’s been so far is an idea and no one can read or buy the contents of my head. I’ll seek your support if you’re out there. :) Tell me what you’re working on, tell me about your struggle and tell me what happens you use to help you stay on task.

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