I’ve been watching a lot of youtube videos. I love a good how to or a process video! Mind you, I hardly do or make any of the things I watch. I’ll chalk that up to poor time management on my part, couple of course with end of day tiredness. Darn this whole full time job thing, always getting in the way of my fun.

In any case, I was watching a video today for a Project Life process video by Inkie Quill, who I just love. She’s got such a fun personality and she sounds like the kind of person I’d have as a friend if I was Australian and about 10 years younger. In any case, hope that didn’t sound too creepy! Well, back to the point, so she was using up a bunch of her alpha stickers and talking about how they never have enough of the often used letters, like the ~E’s~ and ~A’s etc. And of course, i was like, ooh there is a need there, i should just create some alpha stickers and provide individual letter packs, like for instance in one sheet packs for the vowels. I can’t imagine there is much money to be made with that.. but it would be cool to do. Must now google how to make foam alpha stickers and have a go at it.  in my imagination…

As for the past weekend I had a bit of me time while I got my hair done. I switched it up quite a bit, new stylist, new salon, and NEW hair color and cut! I went in asking for some peek-a-boo highlights with some red and that’s just what i got! I couldn’t have asked for a better do! And to my surprise, everyone loved it, even my parents. I was a bit skeptical that they’d think it was too much, but I guess they have really gotten cooler in their old age. Should probably give them a little more credit.


We went over to my parents for lunch and left the little lady to play with her cousins and we headed home to hang out. Usually this is where I would craft, but we thought we’d play some video games. We ended up downloading WOW but didn’t get to play until much later. While it was downloading I tidied up my craft area and tried to put things away. Some things don’t really have a proper place which makes it a bit hard.


I have a little project in my head for the lil’ miss’s bedroom but haven’t figure out how to execute it. I want to make some word art featuring her name. I bought some cool paper and plan to use the silhouette to cut out the letters. I think i will mount them in some frames and put them up over her crib. I have actually NEVER hung the art I bought for her nursery, so I want to do that too. Pool little one has no art up on her walls. I’ll have to change that soon.

We ended up playing WOW until I grew tired of it. It’s a bit different than the games i’m used to. We’ll see how we like it. It’s a welcome change to sitting on the couch but we’ll see if I can get used to it.

Sunday, I had plans to meet an old coworker for brunch. I tried to coordinate this with the little bugs morning nap. Not sure i succeeded as she didn’t actually take her nap until noon. In any case, the hubs was a dear for watching her while I spent a little time with a girlfriend. We ate at this place called Santiago’s Bodega in a kinda hip part of downtown. Too hip for me normally, but of course now with my cool hair… ha. It was a brunch buffet which normally I was shy away from but this was like on another level. I felt bad that my hubs wasn’t there because the food was that good. We’ll definitely be going back together. Let’s see, they had brown sugar bacon, which tasted a lot like a sweet bacon jerky. Delicious. The had a made to order omelet station and French Toast. Holy shit about that French toast. A bit  of heaven in each forkful.

The rest of sunday was chillax. Hubs spent some time with the little one at the park while i did my brekkie/brunch thing. When i got home she was still napping, so I headed to my craft are and accomplished nothing. I was trying to print some 4×4 pics from Aperture. I nearly ruptured a vein in my head out of frustration. Luckily this lil miss woke up and I was distracted by her loveliness. Never made it back to the crafty bits, better luck next weekend.

Hubs was working all weekend on a bit deployment for work. Once he got the all clear he was able to relax a big which was nice. He got inspired to make some paella. Anything he puts his mind to he achieves. I told him he needs to say he’s going to win the lottery. :) He is always achieving what he sets his mind to, so why not!

The paella turned out wonderful. The little one shoveled it in which is always a sign of success. Good job my love. You always feed us so well. <3


And that was pretty much the weekend. Next week I’m expecting my girlfriend for a little christmas card making. Not sure we’ll get around to doing much else, but you never know. Hubs has to work again so, that sucks a bit. I’ll make sure to do something nice… since he is always so sweet and thoughtful. xoxo

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