modern day slavery


OK, perhaps that is a little steep, modern day slavery a.k.a work. It feels like that a lot of the time. This week alone I have said on numerous occasions how work is getting in the way of life and how work keeps me from doing the things I love etc. I forget, of course, how work affords me the means to do things I love and go places and see people etc. How quickly I forget huh?  Even when I get a little free time at work, I wish I had more. I think I waste a lot of time and (not my bosses time), I waste a lot of my own precious, free time. I spend it, surfing the internet reading blogs, looking at pictures. “Market Research” I call it. My ass. It’s all good to get inspiration from the internet, we don’t live in a vacuum so it’s expected that inspiration will strike you from the places you frequent the most.  But it seems to me that the flame of inspiration burns on the worlds tiniest wick. I attribute that to the attention span we really giving things. When I’m at work and have a free moment the most I can really think or do about any inspiration is 1. write it down 2. say hmm, that’s cool or 3. pin it/retweet it. This is all tantamount to a drawer full of post its and to do’s from yesteryear. The internet is SO much more amazing when I actually have time to spend perusing on specific topics. Then I actually do something with the amazing stuff, I benefit from it, instead of the fleeting moments of I’ll have to get back to that.  I guess I’m just another slave to the grind.

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