mid-month update


I usually make a post about my yearly goals and I realize i haven’t gotten around to it yet. I have ambitious goals, so I better write them down so I remember what they are! Although, I don’t often reach them having a running list of things means I may get to them some day.

I bought an art journal recently. I still don’t have my paints, which I desperately want. I have started budgeting for my crafting so i don’t go too crazy. I direct deposit my allotted $ to another bank account so i never over spend. I’m waiting for this to get set up and then I’ll have to prioritize what I pick up next.

I love, LOVE, LOVE watching artsy youtube videos. I wonder what it would be like to make one and i think it would be fun to do. But, then i think about my work process and realize i haven’t mastered anything worth documenting yet. If anything, I think it would be nice to film like a newbies guide to art journaling and have it include all my trial and error and second thoughts and frustrations. But we’ll see, it would be nice to do but it’s not the most important thing on my list.

My main project that I try to update on a regular basis is my project life.  I am almost caught up with 2015. I won’t be buying any more stuff for PL and when my studio calico subscription for the Documenter Kit ends i won’t renew it.  I like what I have received, but i am not deeply inspired by it. My spreads have a lot more pictures than journaling and I have a ton of core kit cards that I can use up. My goal is to work through what I have and try and get creative with it. 

I have been  printing all my pictures at home with my canon pxma which has been fine for a long time, however, this takes a lot of time. And i don’t have a lot of time to scrap/craft. I’m wondering what life would look like if i just sent out to have my pictures printed for me. It would mean that I could spend the craft time actually crafting and not laying down the groundwork for a different day. Not sure if I’ll do this, but it’s on my mind. (Not sure this is a goal so much as it is something i want to learn more about.)

I signed up to do the One Little Word project which is run by Ali Edwards. I dig it. I used to journal quite a bit and I like the idea of having a word to focus on this year. My word for year is BALANCE. This word really resonated with me and demands to have a larger presence in my life. As with all things, practice makes better. And in all things, wouldn’t it be nice for my little lady to one day read about my thoughts and know what her mama was thinking and feeling? I think it would. 

I would like to take a class that is specific for art journaling or water color. I have found a couple of things that seem interesting, but I’ll just want and see if I would rather use the money on products or classes. Wouldn’t make sense to take a class that requires materials i don’t have. 

And as always, there is the struggle to keep my craft space clean. Always a goal for me! Never quite a reality! 

If I had more time I would:

Make some art for the house.- I have found some really cool stencils that i’d love to play with. Haven’t purchased any, but it’ really tempting. So many cool things. 

Hang our pictures: – Have all my pictures in drawers. They would look nicer on the walls. Sadly, I am terrible at precise measurements and i hang things crookedly. I still have art that i bought for the nursery, that I never got to hang up. It’s never too late. I guess at the heart of things, I’m afraid to do a bad job or to hang in the wrong place. Not sure there is a need to have so much fear about something so inconsequential, but that’s just me. Analysis paralysis.



1. Art Journal

2. Make YouTube Video

3. Use up Project Life Core Kits

4. Print PL photos using third party: snapfish? persnicketty?

5. Take an art class.

6. Make some art for the house

7. Hang pictures


I could go over the previous years goals, but suffice to say, most of them haven’t been met. I may give up on using my DSLR altogether. It’s bulky and heavy. I may switch to using my husbands smaller Sony. We shall see, but at least I have made a note of the things I’d like to do.

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