maybe it’s time to move…


There was a moving truck and loud voices. Now, there are loud voices and the voice of a child that I can hear through my closed window.This can’t be good. For the last year the house next to me was vacant, I kind of liked it that way. Now it has a tenant or a new owner (preferably the former) making ruckus, making the floors creak and knocking things against the walls. It could be that I am slightly more hermit/Grinch than I care to admit. Oh hell, I admit it. I like it quiet, unless of course I want to hear music, then, of course, I only want to hear my music. But, I digress… the sound of other voices bothers me. The last guy didn’t make ANY noise. Now I feel like I got a choir/drum core rehearsal taking place next door, except it’s a bad choir and lousy off beat drum core.  Seems like I have to build tolerance in all areas of my life.  Earphones at work and speakers at home. When I am alone in my house the only voice I hear should be the ones inside my head. Ugh. This was such a disappointing Monday.

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