making good on promises


I am obviously trying to spare myself a lump of coal in my stocking. Of course, what other reason would I have for posting again, besides of course the fact that I said I would! :-)

Anyways, consider this a very merry Christmas present from me to you!

I mentioned that I started working again, which is wonderful to be able to say that. Especially around the holidays. Having a job again has allowed us to make a nice Christmas for our family and finish a little decorating around the house. But what’s been really wonderful is getting the news that I won’t have to pay taxes on my forgiven mortgage. When my short sale went through at the beginning of the year we didn’t know if the law would be extended again. “The Law” being theĀ Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act. And now, just in time for Christmas, it’s been extended! Woo hoo!

Now I don’t have to worry about a big tax hit for income that i didn’t even get! Phewww dodged a bullet! I just have to stay on task with the usual goals, pay down debts, in this case my student loan. My edjamacation can’t be looming over me forever.

This week is a short week at work. Many folks are out. My to do list is rather short. I’m looking forward to wrapping presents with my husband. Perhaps I’ll make some mulled wine and listen to some Christmas music, if there is time for all that. We are thinking of heading over to Hollywood Studios and catching the lights. Last year I was pregnant and I remember eating at this little diner and being soooo glad it didn’t make me nauseous. This time of course we’ll go with the baby. I’m sure she will love all the lights! Christmas day will be spent with my family doing the gifts and the prezzies and next weekend a little get together with our extended family of friends and loved ones. I never used to love Christmas. I was always lonely or unhappy in some way. This is our first Christmas as a family and I love it. Occasionally we have an opportunity to relax on the couch with some wine and listen to Frank Sinatra. This embodies what i want our life to be like. Calm, and at ease. Warm and full of love. Togetherness, affection and relaxing. It’s definitely the type of love I want my child to have as her example. And that has nothing to do with Christmas, of course… but it does. I think this is definitely what I want every Christmas to be like and not the stress of consumerism or want. Next year, we will hopefully have a walking baby, making mischief and messes and whatever else babies make. Perhaps the fact that this is also her first Christmas adds to the magic of the holiday. I love beginnings.

In case I don’t get a chance to post again, Merry Christmas!


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