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I guess it’s time I get to writing down what my goals are for this year. But first… let’s review last years goals and see how far I got?

In 2012:

I will start my own business (officially) <—– Still unofficially!

I will write my novel. <—— I did write considerably more!

I will study for the GRE. <—– nope!

I guess in hindsight I didn’t get any of the goals I wrote down. But to be fair to myself, I don’t think I was being very honest with myself last January. I was unhappy. I was pressured by someone else’s vision of success. In reality, with my 20/20 hindsight vision I can tell you that the one main thing I wanted to accomplish in 2012 was to be happy. It took time, discomfort, ugly truths and tissues but I accomplished that. That one, unspoken, safely guarded goal, came true. I say safely guarded because sometimes we just wear a mask about things, and when you speak about them people get uncomfortable (especially if you admit you are unhappy!). The fact is, that I accomplished things I didn’t even know I could accomplish. I’m proud of that!

Alright, let’s see what should I plan or hope for in 2013?  Ha, tricky question. I know in my heart that this year is already going to be the most amazing of my life so far. I’m drawing a blank about what I want this year. I don’t ever want for much, and this is just made worse when I feel like I have all I want.

In the interest of tackling some unfinished business I will keep one goal from last year.

  • I will start my own business (officially) I finally completed the garage conversion and have the studio space I wanted. (Came to believe I needed it, or used it as my excuse for not moving forward.)
  • I will get to a normal BMI Almost forgot i was already working on this! I should probably write more about that, huh?

Damn. Why am I having such a hard time with this? There are little projects around the house, there always are. There is the desire to change jobs and be more challenged, that’s been there for years. There is occasionally the desire for a tattoo. None of these are so big they need to go on my ‘goals’ list for this year. I’m happy and in love and if I could want anything from the Universe is that I stay this way forever.

  • Stay happy. Stay grateful. Be generous. Be me.
I guess i should take down my Christmast decorations now? I didn’t feel it was right to do that until I wrapped up my goal plans for this year. :-)



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  1. Get to work woman!

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