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Saturday was a perfect day. I woke up early, did a little writing, cleaned a little, and went to the food and wine festival. It was amazing. What I enjoyed most of all was accidentally bumping into a good friend just a few minutes after getting through the entrance. Spending the afternoon munching on tasty selections from some of the areas poshest restaurants and sipping on some brew, it just doesn’t get better. Oh, unless you count sitting in the setting sun listening to jazz on a blanket in the park…which did kind of make it better… :-) Anyways… like I said it was a blissful day.

This was my day…

This guy made the crowd go wild. I underestimated him at first, and I’m not really into all that jazz fusion stuff, but I must say this Mr. Valentino can really do some amazing things with a flute…(band camp anyone?)

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