little voices, big impact


I know myself very well. It’s been a work in progress to get to this point. But I am relieved that I can listen to my instinct and talk about my feelings and not be afraid to just be who I am. I’m not ruled by the thought and opinions of others, though they do cross my mind some times. I remember that I don’t have to make those thoughts and opinions my own if I don’t wish and I can change my mind a million times if I wish. And the most valuable opinion is my own. Can I live with it? Does it make me happy? Am I ready? Sometimes, the mind plays a convincing game but its no match for your instinct. It’s that little voice we must listen to because without it we put things in motion before we are ready for them. Anyways, this is purposefully vague. I mean, totally about something specific for me, but so completely relevant for any life situation. It’s just great to be where I am right now.

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