leave of absynthe


So my coworker confides in me that she is taking a leave of absence. Lucky her! Guess that means I’ll have to booze it up alone. This is a lie, I never booze it up with her, and heck I never booze it up period. The only truth in that statement is, she’s taking a leave of absence. Lucky her! Guess her 7 year sentence is up too. When you work here, there is a certain type of biological clock that ticks and tells you to get out now! It’s more of a bomb than a clock actually.  Even though we didn’t spend a lot of time together I’ll still miss her! She was great to vent with and have lunch with. All I know is I better not be the last one at the watering hole! When the watering hole dries up you are stucker than stuck. You’re stuck in the mud, your ribs stick to you, and pretty soon  predators find you or you become predatory. Lucky I don’t write for the Discovery channel or that Life series would be so different.  Anyways, I’m extra motivated to get the hell out now. Progress is just too slow around here and my life is not on pause.

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