learning’s real nice ya’ll


Time and I butt heads a lot. This week I’ve been able to manage my time a lot better, I got around to editing my Cancun pictures and posting/sharing on facebook. The one’s I posted previously were straight out of the camera, and not half bad. It’s just amazing what a little enhancing can do! I managed to blog more than once, write down things I wanted to do, write, and collaborate with a friend on her blog idea. It’s been a phenomenal week. You could say, I kicked time’s ass. Amazing what happens when you don’t turn on your TV/Netflix! Oh, and I did my make up everyday! It’s not a great accomplishment, it’s not even a necessity, but the bottom line is: make up makes me feel pretty and finished.  That alone makes it a necessity. AND I had a great evening with friends, eating chinese, and sipping tea. This week has been stellar. The goal now is to maintain this level of productivity in any environment. This week I’ve been at my house, where I control all the variables and no one has been around offering their own soundtrack and I’ve not been accommodating anyone. What’s really silly is that no one expects me to be accommodating, but it’s in my genes to be inconvenienced/deviate from my plan and silently stew about it. I do like my alone time. I feel like I have so much catching up to do, so much. Well, at least I’m writing shit down now.

So, thanks to all you web guys and gals who inspire me daily. I leave you with before and after edits:) Just used the built in ‘auto enhance’ settings in Aperture. Not bad, heh?


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