kindly allow me to over share


This morning I applied my makeup from the toilet while I enjoyed the comforts of my sitz bath. if you have to ask what that is then I do believe you’d rather not know. Today was the last day I planned to physically drive to the office and see my peeps before starting my maternity leave in a few weeks. As if my makeup routine was not comedic enough, I tried unsuccessfully to wear support hose/ compression stockings. I don’t have the strength for all that pulling and tugging so I solicited the help of my beloved. Unfortunately, this did not work out too well either since

  1. He didn’t have much time in his morning routine to really try to get those puppies on me
  2. He doesn’t have any practice dressing another person
  3. And honestly dealing with support hose will make anyone lose their mind/patience. (Which reminds me of the first time I tried on spanx and thought I was going to be found dead of asphyxiation in a Dillard’s dressing room, from shorts no less!)

Anyways!! After giving up on the stockings I headed off to work, rewarded for once with a really awesome commute: no traffic! (both ways!!) I spent the day trying to stay ahead of the swelling but failed miserably. I spent so much time with my flip flops off that when I did try to wear them my foot couldn’t scoot all the way forward. Oh well. Part of the reason I went to work today was because my office mates were gathering for a little baby shower-esque shindig. We love a good reason for cake around these parts! And of course, me being pregnant is a rather rare and amazing thing! I have worked with most of these folks for 11 years give or take. Yet!! Their generosity today was really mind blowing! It’s easy with our line of work, especially my position, which generally involves telling/asking people to do something they haven’t done, to have moments of frustration and grumpy attitudes. But I know I am blessed by the diversity of personalities and that I have been enriched by having these folks in my life over the last few years.
In a way this pregnancy has allowed me to have conversations with people whom I had previously not interacted with. I guess there is something bonding about this parent club I’m joining. Let the sleepless nights begin! To be honest, I’d rather have my pre-pregnancy body/physical well being/self-control and forego sleep right now. I can live on cat naps. But the ridiculous physical ailments? Those my friend are total BS. On the bright side, 23 days til my due date. The car seat is installed. I just need to pack my hospital bag and wait it out. Home stretch people!!! Woot woot!

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