intro to fall


Fall is here! And with that the time change and the need to drink more cups of tea and lug a sweatshirt around just in case. Florida fall is probably one of my favorite times of the year. It’s sunny and warm without the sizzle of a glaring sun. The evenings are cool and refreshing and at last my AC can take a much deserved break. I managed to get a tan at the beach in late October and then Hurricane Sandy rolled by and sucked the sunshine and heat away, leaving behind fresher temperatures. Now I get to face the beginning of ‘winter’ with a nice golden tan! It’s nice not to be pasty for once!

The highlight of fall for me, and probably the main reason why I haven’t been around much, was my trip to Boston. I know I mentioned a while back on how Boston was going to be the start of my year of magical thinking and that I was super excited to go to Walden Pond and visit all those gorgeous places where some of my favorite literary greats used to roam. I was so thrilled when my good friend from Amsterdam was able to fly in and share in that vacation with me. I think having a friend along made the vacation really amazing. There was nothing about it that wasn’t absolutely perfect. All the places we went, the food we ate, the hotels we stayed, they were absolutely on point. I needed that. My soul needed that. I felt completely restored.

Returning back to work after my trip (which wasn’t THAT long ago) was a little harder. At work I had to focus on packing up my office for our move to another office building and the launch of a new application which has made my work life super hard. I’m sure it’s just an adjustment period but nonetheless, it’s taken all my energy. The soft relaxed glow of the girl who was on vacation for 2 weeks slowly faded. Today I took a day for me. I’ve gotten in the habit of doing this every once in a while and I have to tell you it’s the best decision I have ever made.

Usually I spend the day with my favorite health and wellness advocates, either via a massage or an acupuncture visit and then I lay around and read.  Today, I got a massage, I went to my podiatrist, I sat in Starbucks and read from my book (shamefully this is yet ANOTHER book and not even on my last reading list! No wonder i never finish!!), and  I have a personal session with my yoga instructor. Taking care of yourself is not always easy, but damn someone has to do it! I don’t recommend waiting around for the right moment to do it. Just schedule  it as if it were your birthday. One day off a month, that’s my goal. And yes, definitely do it before you NEED to. We all know when we’ve had to much and need a mental health day. I believe we also know when we’re stretching ourselves and should take it easy. That’s the beauty of this thing called instinct. It speaks to us.

Here’s a highlight from my trip to Boston. I will get around to sharing more pics later. Enjoy!

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