inspiration and intention


Today I worked on my business idea, trying to put on paper what I need to accomplish my goal and what I want to have in order to help me. Going further I also outlined 3 long term goals for myself.

Run a business that I can do from anywhere
Own a home abroad/live abroad
Have financial freedom/debt free

I’m working actively on item three and have made amazing progress so far, paying down thousands in consumer credit card debt just this year alone. Vacations with family hindered my progress a bit and I fell off the wagon but I’m on it now. :) just trying to keep enough money around for the business.

For the longest time I have loved and admired photography and now I’m going to take a leap and try it out myself. I have a good eye and a creative mind and skill, even if it’s not fully developed.

Part of my plan is to convert the garage into my studio and my creative zone. I have the money for it ready and I’m excited to chronicle the progress. Since I’m starting something new I’m seeking out sources of inspiration and support. If you have information, ideas, words of comfort or even comfort food, I welcome your comments.

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.


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