in hot pursuit


One of the most well known and revered  written passages in American history begins with, “We hold these truths to be self-evident..”  While most any one would agree that we all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, so few of us actually pursue these rights. We live in quiet circles of traditions, we are never free of our thinking or worse someone else’s thinking and tell me how many really pursue happiness?

I know for myself that breaking free from the prison of my mind is a constant challenge. How lucky are they that live in blissful ignorance? I say this, knowing that I’d rather live my life striving to be better than to just buzz around thinking that I’m wonderful and everyone should hang on my every word. But, sometimes it kind of stinks to be so damn self-aware and to be constantly working on myself.  Everyone’s journey is unique and filled with challenges, but they make it look so easy.  My cynicism and skepticism keep me cautious and doubtful and on the ledge of change, bound securely by the shackles of fear.   I deeply admire anyone who strives to work on themselves because I see that it is hard work to do so, and to stick with it despite the emotions that arise and the self-doubt that sets you back two steps for every one you take forward.

We were given life, for free, but we pay dearly for how we live it. The days are like coins tossed into a wishing well, containing a hope for future happiness, but once they’re gone, they’re gone. So far, I have lived my life from one day to the next, never fully letting go of time and or events the occurred. Embarking on this journey of life with seemingly endless pieces of luggage. At times I feel I can be the only one on the plane, or on the train or on the bus. There has been no room for the future because I have carried so much of the past into the present. Just because I live in a comfortable 1,400 square feet home, doesn’t mean that my mind is not a prison of negative thoughts. Just because I have money to secure the things I want doesn’t mean I have what I need. Discovering that your mind is a prison is pretty horrifying, because at first you are the prisoner. I hope to someday be the Warden and eventually, as I work to attain liberty from all the things my mind would like me to fixate upon, the Gatekeeper.

In short, so many of the lessons we learn are obvious. We are too busy in our own heads to get the meaning of what is being said. I’m not a political person, this random thought on this passage from The Declaration of Independence is just a reminder of what even our forefathers took for granted. There are still some today who still don’t believe these “self-evident truth’s” should apply to all people. The truth is not always so self-evident.

So what is in your head? Is it a battleground or a playground?

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