imitation = limitation


When I was in college, attending Rollins College and in a poetry workshop with Billy Collins, I learned that imitation is the best form of flattery. To a certain degree, I agree.

Anything you can do, I can do better.

Ok, not exactly. There are many friends who I love for their specific flavor of uniqueness, for their je ne sais quoi. But I would never try to be like them, they own that.  Take my friend Rachel for example. My weekend life is not spent jet-setting around, and fashion is a passion but it doesn’t rule my life. I embrace her style, but I wouldn’t try to be her. I find imitation to be terribly unoriginal even if the sentiment is sweet. Nothing is sadder than the individual who doesn’t find their own path but instead perpetually samples someone else’s. You have to be passionate about something in order to succeed at it, testing the waters of a million different little ventures won’t be enough. You can’t be good at everything like Martha Stewart.  You have to jump in and go for it, complaining about it is not the answer. And you have to like what you’re doing enough to fail at it, and then tweak and correct it, until you get it right.

It takes effort people!

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