i’m so popular


I’ve noticed a lot more activity in my online social life as of late. I’m choosing to believe that my increase in twitter followers means that I my blog is becoming more popular. I won’t focus for the moment on the fact that most of them are bots or marketing knuckleheads. And yesterday I noticed a huge increase in site traffic, so I’m either popular or someone at work has discovered my blog.

There is nothing I write here that’s not safe for work, but it is truly about my life, after all this is a lifestyle blog. Sometimes you just don’t want certain people knowing your inner thoughts. But that’s something I hope to get over as I continue blogging.

But anyways, I basically have no explanation for the extra visitors but I am glad. I’m always seeking new blogs to read and follow, if you have a blog, Flickr, or twitter let me know. I’d like to see what you’re all about too.

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