i’m human


I’m only human! How often have you uttered that phrase? Usually incredulously, with hands either at your hips or up in the air, well at least that’s how I do it. Sometimes, there is even a complimentary shoulder shrug. I am only human, and yet I hold others to much higher standards. Sometimes I even forget that I am human and treat myself with an absolute absence of compassion. Then I’m angry, and unforgiving of myself and in turn, unforgiving of others. It’s a vicious cycle being human. So is compassion for that matter. I suppose this is a reminder to myself to be kinder to myself and kinder to others. Heck maybe this is a reminder to you out there… be nice.

Yesterday, I practically flipped my lid when someone mockingly told me  “be nice”. It was a reaction akin to when someone tells somebody who is yelling not to yell and all you get back is “I’M NOT YELLING!!!”  I guess another reminder that I am human and a reaffirmation that I can only be as nice to others as I am to myself.  How do I get the voice of love and compassion to flow through the speaker system of my brain? Someone tell me please.

Today: I will change something that’s bothering me, so that I don’t obsess and self-loathe about it. And I will repeat this every day. And when I forget this, falling far off the high horse, I will dust myself off and do it all over again. Failing is part of life, everyone fails, don’t wallow, don’t sulk, don’t think you’re the only one.


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