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Truer words have never been spoken… I do in fact have tons of things to write about. My best friend, who says she doesn’t read my blog because i go a few months between posts, politely informed me that now that i have a kid I have plenty to write about. I certainly do, but I rarely write about my new mom life. It’s a shame too, since mom life is like 99% of my life. So here is the run down of mom life these days:

The little lady started doing the army crawl a few days before her 7th month. The kid loves to stand up and and bounce and in general maintain a birds-eye view of everything that is going on. Nothing passes by without her notice and intense curiosity. Lately, she loves to cuddle especially after breastfeeding. It’s really my favorite part of my day. I love listening to her talk/babble to me, when she reaches out for my hair or my earring, or when she talks to my shiny necklace, when she lays her head on my shoulder, even when she practically motorboats me… it’s all so stinking cute. I’m in love people! Sooo in love! On the weekend, when we have more time, she looks out the window and watches the trees sway outside the window. In general, she has a ravenous appetite, and has enough dexterity to grab those little puffs and self feed herself.

This girl continues to amaze me. She sleeps well, eats well, and behaves well in public. I couldn’t ask for a better kid. I say it so much I sound like a broken record. Hubs is probably tired of hearing me say it. I just never knew a kid could be so great. I certainly never experienced any kids like this haha!! Her smile lights up my whole world. See for your self:

little lady

In other household news we’ve been doing a food prep on Sunday. This is our second week doing it and it certainly saves us some time in the evenings. The goal is to make 4 portions per day, but we seem to either make too much (like last week, sooo much chicken!) or this week we only made about 11 meals/portions. This ends up being fine because it gives us the opportunity to grab something else, either take out or Chipotle if we get tired of whatever we’ve prepared.

The food we make is great and we each have our own list of recipes we’d love to try. It certainly is nice to be married to a wonderful cook! <3 Lucky me! I occasionally wash AND fold the laundry which means I’m a keeper… :-)



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