i have short hair now


There is no better title for this post right now. I wanted shorter hair, i’m happy with my hair. But it’s always a big adjustment when you go from having hair down your back to having hair that barely sweeps your shoulders. I feel a little bad because I was obviously making facings during my haircut that tuned  her in to my shock and awe with the shortness of my hair. I hate that about my face sometimes, it betrays me. In any case, I have an awesome haircut that both my BF and I love, though I’m still in that “getting to know you phase.”  I specifically mentioned that I am lazy with my hair and wear it in a pony tail or bum all the time. I am definitely unbunnable right now and the  pony tail length is only suitable for yoga. I have grown up hair that i have to style. And this blog isn’t called “it takes effort” for nothing. Even styling my hair takes effort. Luckily drying my hair will not.

I donated my hair to locks of love, something i have always wanted to do. So, even if it’s still shockingly short to me, I know my hair did not go in vain. :) I’m really impressed with the work that Cole did on my hair. I hope she didn’t find it creepy that I already followed her on Pinterest and read her hubby’s blog. Everything is so public now, but I still feel slightly stalkerish when i know things that people didn’t tell me themselves. I guess that’s my old skool showing through.

There is other big news today but I’ll save it for another post.  (2 in one day, i’m unstoppable!!! lol)

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