i got nothing


Contemplating whether this gig I’ve been doing is going to turn permanent. Is ‘manager’ a suffix I want? Did I choose it? Is it choosing me? I guess we shall see. When life gets too busy and crazy I will have to remind myself of these great tips from zenhabits. Anyways, work smarter not harder…. Amen to that!

Furthermore, I have two more weeks of this shindig, and then back to the usual daily grind. Don’t know if I’ve missed it or not. Slightly afraid that I may be losing my technical skills and that’s where the $$ is.  Growing up is a really sucky enriching experience. In my head, I will be 16 forever. In my body, it feels more like a size 16 forever. Ha. Whatever… you’re only as old as you feel.  Pretty sure I’m just being my usual scaredy cat self. Embrace change. Ack. Change comes too fast and ’round every corner.  Me as a manager… I’ll let you know once I wrap my head around it.

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