how we decided to buy a new home


Buying a new home was definitely not something we had ‘planned’ to do in 2015. It was certainly something we considered doing for a myriad of reasons, being closer to family, closer to work, more space for us, the baby and the dogs to roam, etc. But it wasn’t anything more than an occasional topic. For numerous reasons, (we live on a lake, we have a great view, we have wonderful neighbors, we are far from the family) we always talked ourselves out of it. We have spent a great part of our two years together fixing up the current home and making it beautiful and functional for us. The last thing we did (which in hindsight we probably wouldn’t have done if we knew we’d be moving….) was buy new furniture for the living room, put up a new entertainment center for the TV and replace our refrigerator and washer and dryer. All of which were necessary purchases mind you! So, like I said we weren’t really planning to move, let alone buy a custom home. So, how did we get here?

My sister told us about this community a few months ago, I want to say it was around Thanksgiving, but maybe it was earlier. She said you should go look etc. and we said, ‘nah’ we’re not looking to move right now. Now, isn’t the time for us… we’re not ready. Geez, I can’t even remember what we said. Fast forward to Christmas dinner at my parents, when my sister said, let’s go see the houses! We agreed, after all what else is there to do on Christmas night? So off we went to drive around the community. I honestly believe my hubs fell in love right then and there. I loved the exteriors, which was all we could see of the homes since the sales center and models were closed that day, and I loved the park in the center and the mature oak trees. It was gawjussss! We ended up going back to see the homes on Saturday (Christmas was on Thursday). As we proceeded through the different models, each grander than the last, they took my breath away. They were so beautiful! So close to my folks (just 11 minutes!) So easily connected to work (for both of us!)  We proceeded to spend the next few weekends going over to the property and making our selections, getting preapproved, etc. and in the course of just 10 days we were under contract for our new home. It happened so fast! Part of that I think was due to the fact that we wanted to secure a gorgeous lot, which we did!

The last few weeks have been a blur of picking out trimmings, plugging in numbers, reviewing the figures and the options. It’s all enough to make my eyes bleed. But come next week we will complete our final design appointment and finalize our choices for interior options. Then, eventually, we’ll get an idea of how long the work will take and when we’ll be ready to move in.

I have taken many pictures and will plug them in to this post next time I sit down at home. Hopefully I will do a good job of tracking the before and the after and of course, documenting the final goodbye of our first home. In the mean time I found these photo’s from the community’s facebook page. I know my pictures are heavily back lit and wouldn’t do the place justice. You can see just what a ‘tough sell’ this place was.



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