here’s a stiffy for you


Whoa, whoa…. so it’s like after 7PM, somehow I had a Friday but it was so busy that it flew by. There was no time for doodling or googling, or dawdling or goggling, diddely daddley etc. You get the picture. I made up for the stress of the day by eating pizza with a work mate, supplementing that with gelato and then meeting some friends (and their kiddo’s) for a little dinner. Let that be a testament to the type of busy and stressful day that I have had, that a meal with some toddlers was in fact stress relief!! Can I get a witness!

Anyways, the day started with some whining but over all has turned out pretty well. So I raise my stiff drink to you, Friday, for you have tried but failed to get the best of me!

Bwahaha we shall meet again!

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