hello weekend


I’m excited that it’s Friday! Only a few hours left before the weekend and for once we have some fun stuff planned. Ok, so that’s sorta not true. We usually do fun stuff but this weekend we are doing it with other people, which makes it more fun. Get it? Anyways, tomorrow we are heading with my sister and my nieces to Animal Kingdom. We haven’t been there in a while and I’m excited to watch the little lady take it all in. We thought about going last summer but a theme park was just not the ideal place to take a 2 month old and a park full of wild animals and all the potential airborne germs, nope! I’m particularly excited to have someone to hold the baby so that maybe we can go on a ride together! LOL It really is the little things that bring so much joy!  😀

Funny how out of a two day weekend, really only one is spent having true fun, if you’re lucky. Sunday it’s back to work on the household chores before facing yet another work week. Better get all the fun I can out of Animal Kingdom on Saturday! We have pretty much decided that from here on out we have to plan our weekends better. First, we have to decide whether to rent or sell our existing place. Either choice will come with a boatload of extra projects around the house. Yay for getting shit done…. booooo for having to do all this shit. haha Double edge sword I guess! Closing will be here before we know it, so best to get busy getting things done so we are not scrambling later. Remind me to play Powerball this weekend and hope for a miracle! (Though, we did win $40 bucks this week on a scratch off ticket!)

I frequently talk about how I can’t wait to be closer to my parents and family. (Things that 2012 me would never say!) But honestly right now, it all couldn’t come soon enough. This is partially because of our beautiful new home, and mostly because little lady loves her time with my parents and vice versa. Did I mention that there is an awesome Mexican restaurant in a nearby hood? They have the best tacos and Margaritas! The live mariachi band is great. I’ll try and snap a pic next time we go. Little lady didn’t mind being serenaded, she’s such a trooper.  I can’t wait people… I really can’t. Quality time for everyone, assistance with daycare pick ups, convenient babysitting and a lovely park and bike trail for us to enjoy as a family. I can’t wait until we are enjoying our new home! At this point it’s forecast to close in August… so, really about 6 months to get everything done. Lawd so many details to flesh out, but first Animal Kingdom and possibly a turkey leg.



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