Hello November


October happened so fast! I’m sorry I didn’t blog more but life took an unexpected turn and I’ve just been sidetracked ever since. So here’s what happened, I got laid off as part of a reduction in force. It’s a blessing in a way as I’m now free to pursue other opportunities. I’ve also been busy updating my resume and putting it out there. I’ve been very tired pretty much all month.

We started putting the baby to sleep in her crib. Thank goodness she’s really taken to this new adventure. Goes to bed awake and is asleep within minutes.

We went to food and wine festival a few times. Had friends over for dinner twice. We cooked two awesome meals and enjoyed two bad ass desserts. First my hubby made a delicious cheesecake and then my friend Liz made some amazing tiramisu. Damn. It was so good. I’m not normally a fan but this was creamy and not too strong of a liquor taste.

I thought my supply was starting to dip a little so I baked some lactation cookies. They were awesome. I didn’t have butter so I subbed coconut oil, it was actually more like an almond joy flavor. A win if you ask me! Hubby came home and started snacking!


Despite everything, October was a great month. My official last day with the company was the 29th. I have an interview a week from today. I’m feeling good about it. I really hope it goes well. In any case, I’m still proud of myself for securing an interview within a week of being unemployed. I have to thank my hubs for getting on my ass to keep on top of applications and job sites. I am still looking, since you never know how these interviews can go.

November so far, one week in and I finally got my new iPhone 6. Hubs has been out traveling for work. He will be back in a few hours and I’m looking forward to that. The baby slept the whole night through last night. I’m hoping for a repeat tonight. We had an awesome day today snuggling and playing in between snacking and napping. Layla has been sick, again. Cleaned vom and poop several times in the last 24 hours. She keeps this up she will be wearing a diaper!

I didn’t get very far with October goals. The job news sent me in another direction, and the free time I did have I had to spend updating my resume and hunting for work. I was told that I abandoned my project life but I haven’t! I just haven’t had time to sit still and work on it. I guess I’ve just been sucked into project reality.

This month, if the sleeping schedule goes well, I hope to pick a night of the week where I get to work on my project life. I think I can make some progress like this. I’m going to revisit last months goals and see if I can consolidate them into one running list. And of course, add a few that I’ve been thinking about.

Here are a couple before I forget:
Take Xmas pics of the baby
Bake pumpkin scones
Bake bread

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