hello 2012


I can’t believe we made it here already. It seems like only yesterday we were talking about next year, and now it’s here. My last month was a blur. Between Thanksgiving in DC, a wedding, a 7 day cruise, Christmas and my foot surgery, I haven’t given this blog a second thought. Well, that’s not true. It’s been on my mind and so here we are. Let’s reflect for a minute on 2011 before I start with my list of goals for 2012.


This year I was promoted to management. I was turned on to natural remedies and healthier practices. I started receiving accupuncture, I received colon-hydrotherapy. I had my first surgery ever. I rekindled friendships. I reevaluated what I wanted to do with my life. I vacationed with my family in Mexico. I cruised the Caribbean with my BF’s family. I paid down a lot of debt! I read a lot of books after purchasing my Kindle. Overall, I mused a lot about life. And I thought a lot about my future. (I forget all the wonderful things that took place this year, but suffice to say it was a growing experience)

In 2012:

I will start my own business (officially)

I will write my novel.

I will study for the GRE.

I’ll keep the list short for now. What did I plan and accomplish in 2011?

Take a photography course
Develop meditation practice
Develop yoga practice (remember when I said I was going to do it every day for a month?)
Engage my body
365 project
Make a new recipe once a week.

Not a huge success record! I did have a pretty steady yoga habit going until my foot pain got bad. I can’t wait to get it going again once my foot is better. So we will keep the goals from last year and tack them on to this years goals. Though, I am more interested in learning more about Buddhism and Buddhist psychology than anything else.

I have 3 weeks of rest in store while I recover from surgery. I’ll start working on my goals asap, beginning with the Photo 365 Project.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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