Happy New Year!


It’s January 2016! I’m so happy to be starting a brand new year. Last year had so many changes, it feels like since the end of 2014 I’ve just been on a roller coaster of change and for the moment, 2016 seems to be calmer, without any big changes planned just yet. I’m embracing the calm.

Our widdle wose bud is now 1.5 years old she is talking more and more every day. She has a sweet personality but is also fiercely independent and she knows what she wants. For the most part, mommy is good at deciphering her cues, but  lawd have mercy if i do not guess correctly. Luckily her melt downs do not last long. He latest thing is to grab your hand and drag you in the direction she wants you to go, mostly to the front or back door. She points and says, “outside”. I’m happy to do this on most days, but it’s harder on days like yesterday, when it was chilly and raining, concepts which are LOST on a toddler I assure you. Luckily we always seem to make a good go of distracting her. I’m happy to see how much she loves to be outside. She is a keen observer of the world around her. She is a snuggler and a cuddler but she is not overly clingy. I believe she has confidence in herself and the knowing that mommy and daddy are always close by to keep her well grounded. We have ourselves a happy baby, and this effect rubs off on me. 

As a family, we are still working to sell our old home. I’ll be very happy when we do not have that burden any more. The last year has seen me change jobs 3 times and although in one sense I have returned to a familiar workplace, there is a lot of change in the air. I’ve been in a funk for a while and i’m trying to manage stress a little better. It’s always hard to do when life is carrying you along, and even harder when you are not even aware of it. I haven’t had much time to focus on me but it is very important. Otherwise, I can’t be there for others. Don’t have any really answers on how I”m going to take care of me, when I have to take care of my family, but I do know I have to find a way. When I neglect myself for too long, I get very grumpy and unhappy which I guess is why i’ve been in a funk.  In any case, that’s my goal for this year. Balance. 

Although I have never given much thought to the whole “One Little Word” movement, if i had to choose a word for this year Balance would be it. You can read more about the One Little Word project on Ali Edward’s blog here. I am finding a lot of peace in doing creative things. Creativity has sort of become my teacher. Through creativity I’m allowing myself to be inspired, and to do something with that inspiration, to make beautiful and imperfect things, and to cast off some of those limitations I have put on myself over a lifetime. I’ve always said that I’m a student for life always learning. And although there are times when I HAVE NO IDEA what I’m doing, i owe it to myself and my little one to give it a go. This is the attitude I want her to have, so as always, I must lead by example.  

Projects I’m working on this year:

Project Life – Memory Keeping. Documenting. However you call it, that’s what i’m doing. It’s a combination of pocket pages and 12×12 layouts. I don’t have any confidence in filming process videos. Even though they are sped up quiet a bit, I haven’t found a style that I consistently follow. So basically, they take me a while to do. Practice makes perfect, so I’ll keep at it. Yesterday, I decided to print out a contact sheet style print for the PL spreads. I was getting tired of trying to decide what page protector to use etc. I take a lot of photos. Sometimes I embellish, sometimes I struggle. When i do I remember, this is supposed to be fun. And if it’s stressing me out, I stop and trying to get some perspective. Maybe I’m over complicating it and need to refocus. There are times when just picking the pictures and printing them take a long time. I know some people send them off to be printed. I’ll have to consider whether this is worth it. I don’t get a lot of time to craft, and when I spend most of it picking and printing photo’s, it’s a bit wasted.

Mixed Media – I like the idea of texture and water color and all these other elements which can’t be fully controlled or predicted. I try to incorporate them in my work as often as I can.

Silhouette – I love this cutting machine. I want to do more with it. We have plenty of walls around the house that could use a bit of art. I could easily make some of my own when time allows.

I’ll try to make better use of my pinterest boards this year. Actually putting some of the inspiration to use, or some of the recipes to use.  

I’m excited about the year ahead and I’m happy I get to share it with my husband and little girl. These two are the sunshine on a cloudy day. 


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