half way there


According to my due-date calculator I am six weeks along. This is fabulous because it means I am half way through the first trimester. Not surprisingly I haven’t enjoyed this time in my pregnancy. No one really explains to you what morning sickness is but it becomes quite clear when you start suffering from it that, sadly, it’s not just a morning affair.

For me, I’m still dealing with it every day. This morning I couldn’t stand the smell of my loves eggs and bacon. I had to stay in bed til those fragrances diffused. The same thing happened last night when I got home from work. He was in the middle of cooking some lentils and Italian sausage, a smell that would make my mouth water. But this time, I just had to high tail it out of the kitchen.

In my spare time i find myself just trying to keep one step ahead of the nausea and this means always having something i can put in my mouth so that my belly doesn’t feel empty for too long. So far, this is helping, but I really find most things unappetizing. I literally want to eat soups, and fruit. But I find myself pecking at anything that seems somewhat promising. Lucky for me, from all I’ve read, it just matters that I am eating. The baby will get the right nutrients from me. I guess that’s the whole point of the prenatal, since you really have no appetite, i guess it’s suppose to make up for what’s missing.

For the rest pregnancy really has highlighted something for me. I am making a baby with the most wonderful partner in the world. He has taken such good care of me these past few weeks. I just get weepy thinking about it.  I haven’t felt very well, and I haven’t been doing very much, my love has really shown me just how lucky I am. And through it all he says he’s the lucky one!!

I count my blessings every day.

Now, when to tell my parents….

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