girl power


I love reading about people who’ve taken their idea and made a career out of it. It is even more inspiring when young women make their dreams possible. You just never know what you can do until you put your mind to something and give it a go. If you’re stuck in a rut read about these ladies who are living the dream.

25 and Under: Next Gen Female Entrepreneurs

I love the idea of starting a food truck, but I don’t think I have enough passion to drive a food business. I would totally help my friends start one though. I know several friends who would totally make an awesome living feeding the masses. I know that the one thing I love to do is take pictures so I’m working to make it a bigger part of my life. Right now it occupies about 20% of my action, and 80% of my thoughts.  It’s the one things I can get lost in for hours. I haven’t always listened to the many thoughts/voices in my head, but it’s clear this one is speaking louder than the rest and must be heard.






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