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New week, new month no better time to make a list of things that need doing! Not only do I have just a few short weeks before my maternity leave is over, there are just four short days between me and our first ever road trip together. And by together I mean my husband and I and of course, our new baby. So, first road trip and first trip with the baby. Time to take a deep breath, and get things prepped early. So, sadly I don’t think there will be any leisurely mall trips this week.

This month I decided to write monthly goals and separate goals that relate to our trip. I’ll start with the short term goals first because it’s late and I’m sleepy and typing on my iPad.

Take car to be washed and detailed
Call our hotel to see whether they rent beach gear/chairs/umbrellas
Pack for the baby
Take car in for an oil change/service

And the last goal of the week?

Write down my monthly goals

~wish me luck ~

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