gains? losses? what do you call it?

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The  biggest loser contest at work is winding down. With just a week left to go I thought I’d finally write a post about my progress so far. Mind you, I don’t have an update from start to finish besides a total of pounds lost. The main reason for this is that I started without a trainer, and without measurements.

I started working out officially the second week of January, so January 7th. Four months later, I am 22 lbs lighter. Yay right? That’s plenty of reason to celebrate. In mid-February I decided to join up with a personal trainer from the gym, despite the fact that I was already doing quite well on my own and with the help of my sweetie. I guess somewhere, I still thought that working with a trainer would help me get “there” faster. I have continued to lose weight, and make strength gains, but no faster than what I was doing alone. The only added benefit seems to be that I now have some measurements to compare and even these I don’t trust completely because my ‘before’ and ‘after’ measurements were not done by the same person and so, some of them seem ‘off’. That being said, I’ll stick to the highlight reel and focus on my losses, er gains?.

Body fat:  -2%

Weight:  -22lbs

Neck:  – 1.5 inches

Shoulders:  -6 inches

Hips:  – 2 inches

Thighs:  -2 and -3 inches


The measurements for chest, waist, calf and biceps are all off. Primarily because of placement and because the first guy measured my biceps while flexed, which makes no sense. The reality is that I have gone down a size in my shirts, and when measured for bras, I am sadly, smaller there too. Clothes fit more roomily than before and that seems to be the best indication of progress, not to mention that it’s motivating considering the lbs are not coming off 5 at a time like they did in the beginning. I take this to mean that my body is adapting well to the workout and diet and that it is working very systematically to transform me in a healthy and maintainable way.

People are noticing too, which is nice and confirms what I already know, hard work pays off.

This is just the beginning for me. Even though the work coincided with the contest at work, it’s definitely not stopping there for me.

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  1. I call it WINNING!

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