frugality vs. frivolity


Last night I made the dire mistake of complaining to my boyfriend. My complaint centered around my expensive taste in purses. I may have said something like, why do I have such expensive tastes in purses? His reply was something along the lines of I’ll never get it for myself. It puzzled me. I didn’t know what angle he was coming from. Did he mean, I didn’t think I deserved it? or, I would wait for someone else to buy it for me? or, because I was on a budget? And then, he told me that I wouldn’t buy it for myself because… I was CHEAP!

Don’t you hate it when someone calls you out on something? See, I don’t think I’m cheap. But the reality is that sometimes I don’t get something that I absolutely love based on the price tag alone. That’s no way to live! I mean, I know what is within my means. I’m not talking thousands of dollars or anything. I haven’t quite found the balance between knowing when to save or when to splurge. How do you decide when to spend or when to save?

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