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I ordered some little wedding announcement thingy’s to send out to our friends and family. Even though the wedding was like 2 months ago I thought it would be nice to send something out, in this case a picture post card, so that people could catch a glimpse of us on our wedding day. I spent the afternoon compiling addresses to send and texting people for whom I don’t have any addresses. I reached out to some people that I haven’t been in touch with for a while and it’s possible that I’ve stirred up some shit with others. I guess when I quit facebook last year some people might have thought that I dumped them on facebook. (This attitude justifies why I no longer have a facebook, but I digress.) In any case, when I left facebook, I quit a social media site, not the friendships I maintained through it. But in any case, I guess people can make their own decisions about my FB motives… I just find it so funny. When a friend symbolically unfriended me from facebook I took it in stride. Our friendship predates texting, social media, and the internet. In my mind, nothing will ever kill that. We might not be close, she might be mad at me, we may be in different places or be different people entirely than who we were when we met over 25 years ago, but I’ll be damned if the depth of my friendship with her will be defined by a silly facebook ‘status’. The same goes for any friend that I may or may not be keeping in touch with frequently. I don’t love anyone any less and I don’t think of anyone any less based on the frequency in which we interact. I don’t know if that makes me highly evolved or if it’s just a byproduct of not having to constantly interface with facebook ‘feeds’ and ‘likes’ and what have you.  Ahh internet, it was so much simpler when you were young and new!

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  1. I would suggest you say: GFY!


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