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This week I’m missing my friends. This is a mile stone for me… because I don’t have any drama or personal crisis going on. I just miss them. Miss how much fun we have together doing nothing, miss how well each of them knows me, miss the conversations, the lazy TV watching and scrabble playing and yes, the social eating. After all, what’s more fun than fooding around with the ones you love?

Anyways, my bff Rach is always traveling, her hubby Rene is always working and even when they are both together they are still too far for a quick afternoon visit. But they’re a lovely couple. Glad they let me snap a few pic of them as an engagement present. Rachel is the keeper of my secrets, the vault of my youthful transgressions. Our bank of memories is always full. We are millionaires. Ah hell, we’re gazillionaires.

My soulmate Inyoung is a mother of 3. I barely get to see her. Sometimes I’m selfish and call her 3 times a day in the off chance that I might catch her while she’s alone. It rarely happens. Most of our conversations are quickly abandoned mid-sentence (usually my sentence) with a quick, “I gotta go” followed by silence. If cell phones ‘clicked’ it would be a lot like that. Anyways sometimes she treats me to some alone time and we do zany domestic things like scrapbook. Her hobby, not mine. I know it brings her joy to get to do something for herself every now and then and I am happy to tag along. I am happy to go wherever she goes.

And then my furthest friend, my loveliest love, my solitary companion in the land of unicorns, Jen. This post is prompted by her. This week (god i hope its just a week) she’s in Tanzania. That’s really far away for all you geographically challenged folks. She is the gracious one, the voice of reason, the voice of insanity, the friend with the best quotes and most interesting stories. The only person I trust with my writerly ideas, the one who’ll edit my book one day. If this were Lord of the Rings, she is Frodo and I…. I am Samwise Gamgee. Except for when we switch it up and take turns being the aloof, senseless one in need of direction. That’s how we keep balance. We take turns with the crazy.

It’s a crazy life. Would be a real beast if you had to spend it without a single friend or accomplice. To me that’s what friends really are, accomplices. I always feel like I’m getting away with something when we’re together. It’s endless joy, happiness beyond measure. I wish I could get them all together in one room.

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  1. i love you liliana………………so much! <3

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