Yeah, I’m throwing my hands up and crying into the big, wondrous universe. I haven’t blogged in a month. I convinced myself I didn’t have anything wonderful to say, or anything interesting, for that matter. Maybe I’ll convince myself that I was too busy having fun and living an amazing life that I didn’t have time to fuss over my wee little blog. Certainly I have more than a few excuses and none which are particularly strong, so I’ll resist. The truth is I haven’t been spending my evenings glued to a computer. This is both good and bad. More reading = less blogging.  And less blogging on my part means less reading for you. Ah the vicious circle.

Let’s focus instead on the things I did in the last 30 days, shall we? (After all, nothing gets the ball rolling again like a good list and walk down do-i-even-remember lane!)

  • I stamped it up!
  • I learned to knit.
  • I finished a book! (The Path to Love by Deepak Chopra)
  • I made it to level 47 of Call of Duty Black Ops.
  • I made brownies for my friends.
  • I saw Meet the Little Fockers. (used a coupon for the movie and got free popcorn and drink!)
  • I wavered back and forth between Kindle-Nook-Ipad. Still wavering, btw.
  • I provided my love and support to a friend who lost her father.
  • I got great feed back on my novel draft. (totally encouraging)
  • I hung curtains in my bedroom.

Ok, I gotta draw the line now. So, you see I’ve had productive, rewarding moments, nestled between moments of leisure and idleness. But, as I said, I’m guilty as charged. I’m still working on my goals. (except the blogging every day goal. Clearly having issues with that one!) See you in a few months… no, sooner… I promise.

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