First post of the new year


In years past I would start the new year with a reflective post and recap the goals I had for the past year and whether they were accomplished or not. I would like to do that again, hopefully while it’s still JANUARY, haha and while all those topics are relevant. I have a good reason for being slow to write my posts so I won’t beat myself up too badly.
Reason 1 obviously is that i have less time for myself. And the time I do get, I don’t spend blogging!
Reason 2 I started a new job and I’m still getting ramped up. No real down time to squander while at work.
Reason 3 (and the most exciting of all!) We are building a house! Estimated for some time in July? Or August? It’s all so new so no real estimates as of right now. I want to elaborate on this but…
Reason 4 typing on my iPhone with one hand while pumping milk at work is the only “free” time I get. And aside from being super clunky, it hurts my wrist.

So, I promise that I will soon post about how we decided to buy and where and chronicle the journey so far.

Let’s just say building a home has always been a dream of mine. A dream so big it never really seemed possible or likely. I’m fortunate that my loving husband fell in love with this home and wants the best for his family too. Sacrifices will be made along the way and they will all be worth it in the end.

Now, what to name the new home series?

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