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While I don’t think I’ve actually had the same exact theme since starting this blog, I will say that it’s been pretty close. I’m happy to say that I finally switched to a new theme, and will work on getting the overall look and feel sorted out in the next few days. Tonight seemed like a good night to get started since the hubs and I are watching Mr. Olympia and our baby is sleeping between us. All is quiet around here. It doesn’t hurt to have a glass of wine within arms reach either!

This week I sent out some much needed mail, a few bills were paid, and cards and letters that were long over due are now on their way to their recipients. I won’t dwell too much on this except to say that I feel better now that I have taken the high road. I’ve apologized, because someone always has to in order to move forward. Although I’m not sure what, if anything, will come from this, I will be at peace knowing that I put out my olive branch and I’m ok with any answer.

This is the last weekend before the end of my maternity leave. Two months ago I was really excited to go back to work. Now, not so much. Six months ago I was convinced I could work from home with a newborn, because after all she wasn’t going to be that needy until at least 6 months. Clearly I had no clue. The little lady starts daycare on Monday. I’m not looking forward to it. It’s going to be strange not having her around all day and not being able to snuggle her for no good reason. I’m not a baby/kid person. Never have been, probably won’t ever be. But I’m totally into my baby and I’m surprised that I ever doubted myself.

My last minute to do items for daycare include:

Label clothes, bottles, blankets
Buy a pack of diapers
Write up daily schedule
Print family picture

It’s going to be tough, but I will make the most of my time while she’s away so that I can make the most of our time while we’re together.

I also took a quick look through this here blog and was a little surprised to find that this blog will be 5 years old in December. I’ve neglected it off and on over the years, but I am glad for every time I have chosen to pick up where I left off. Even though I’ve struggled when I’m asked, what’s your blog about? I have found at least my inspiration from a few years back:

I wanted to find a new domain name, one that could embrace all the questions I have about life and the way we think and what drives us to change and what is the difference between those that make change and those that wish for it.  And just as this piece was slowly being filed into a folder called “an honest effort” I realized that that was all it took. Effort. How effing effortless.

The blog has clearly evolved since then but then again, so have I.


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