dedication. is that what it’s going to take?


At what age do you actually feel like you know what you’re doing? It’s not 32 for any of you who might be wondering. I’ve tried following a little road map for life success and it’s been less than awesome. It’s like using an atlas when I should really use google maps or something else less antiquated. Anyways. I ask myself often what is it that I am supposed to do with my life? The word “succeed” jumps out at me but, by who’s standards? I’ve been succeeding to a degree but I’ve left self-fulfillment and passion locked away in boxes of hopes and dreams. If they weren’t going to make me money why let them stare me in the face and taunt me? Now I’m succeeding at work. It’s everyone’s dream, right? But I feel myself going further into the rabbit hole. And I’m battling once again with conscience and with my ego ( who really wants the status of nice fancy title). I could throw myself into it, continue to succeed but I am not sure I care that much. That I don’t really want it. I’m numb to corporate America. Grateful that it pays my bills but sad that it never feeds my soul. And that’s why I’m not sure where to focus my attentions. Where to dedicate my energy. It’s all very much a blur.

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