dang i sound old


I remember cassette tapes and music videos. I remember a time before reality TV. I remember black and white television shows. I remember spending time outside playing with my friends. I remember life before “call waiting.”  This all makes me sound so vintage, so retro, so, old? Yes, it probably does and I’m ok with that. Lately I’m forced to confront some things that I have no experience with, parenting is one of them, and in the same vein: modern day youths. Today there is so much technology that kids don’t really ‘talk’ they text and communicate with this constant electro veil. The other day my bf’s son and his friend were going somewhere together, in the same car… both had their ipods plugged into their ears and didn’t talk to each other the whole way. People need to start carpooling on the information super highway or the leaders of tomorrow are going to be some antisocial, reclusive mother fckers. Am I alone in my thinking?

One thing I hear constantly from his son is, “I’m bored” or “I’m lazy” and when I’m not completely fed up with hearing that, I wonder isn’t society to blame? Sitting around without internet is boring if you are not capable of entertaining yourself. We’ve recently decided to limit internet usage at the house, no internet past 9PM. If only we could just as easily increase someone’s social skill set and make them want to do things besides hunker down in their bedroom. I guess that’s life with a teenage boy.  I’m new to this and I’m bound to fail a million times. Does anyone has any tips for step-parenting, do let me know. Otherwise, please join me for margaritas!

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