Crunch time is upon us!


We decided to take it easy today and basically get some things done around the house and run a few errands. A trip to IKEA is on the horizon for later today so I’ve got my feet up in preparation. Last minute things should not be left to the last minute! We need a few more storage containers for the drawers. I have my eye on a cute cart for my craft supplies. I think I might get two as it could also do double duty for baby supplies in the bedroom But I guess we will see. Can’t go too crazy! As it is I have had to buy a few more maternity tops and some yoga pants. I have been abusing the hell out of all the clothes I previously bought and it is all looking a bit frumpy. The yoga pants I had were all pre-maternity, and some have been devoured by my dog. Because she is a cute but disgusting crotch raiding pirate.

We have an official date for my mother in laws visit. She is set to arrive the day after my due date. I desperately hope I’m not late. I realize that family really want to be at the hospital during delivery but I just want my husband and maybe a girlfriend, you know, people who promote calmness and peace. Sadly, my family just stresses me out! Love them dearly but champions of relaxation and peacefulness they are not! I will walk my ass off to ensure this baby doesn’t get too comfortable. But lord, even that is hard to do with all this extra weight.

Let’s talk about that for a minute because it really has me a bit down. I know it’s for a pretty good cause but damn, can I just stop expanding already? Officially at my heaviest ever and this following a few short lived months of successful weight loss prior to getting pregnant. That is probably what depresses me. But in truth I’m really glad I started off 40 pounds lighter, otherwise I’d be royally screwed. The good news is that losing weight is not that hard for me once I put my mind to it. Believe me it’s on my mind all the time! I will try to have the first three months really dedicated to recovering and taking care of the baby, after that then I’m going to really kick it up a notch and incorporate the work out a little bit more. While I’m home I’ll try to do walks around the neighborhood if it’s not too hot, or else visit with my friends that have pools so we can swim and relax with baby. Though traveling with the baby is not really something I look forward to I know I can’t stay home every single day and have cabin fever. And who knows really if any of this is going to work out like that, but a girl can dream can’t she?

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